Still Horse Crazy

Welcome to Still Horse Crazy. I’ll be blogging about the two things I love most in this world (after my husband and sons): horses and words. Stay tuned for posts about the writing and riding life, and a daily report from the four-day Taylormade Clinic in early June.

If you’ve gotten here, you’ve probably been bitten by the horse bug, too. I am a horse-crazed woman beyond a certain age whose family has been lobbying hard to get me to take up bowling, gardening, bridge, race car driving, wing walking — anything that doesn’t involve 1200 pound animals who can (and unfortunately, at times, do) crush me like the 5’2″ bug that I am. I probably have more track jewelry than most race horses. A plate and five screws that look like they came out of the sheet rock dept at Lowes holds my arm together; a coordinating Titanium screw bolts my foot to my leg. You can actually see the outline of the screw head beneath my skin.

We won’t go into my other equine injuries. Suffice it to say I can hold my own when my fellow riders and I play Horse Injury-opoly.  Despite the plates, screws, stitches, bruises, etc, my love for horses never wanes. To me, horses are the embodiment of magnificence and generosity. They are my Grand Passion. As are words. Lucky for me, I found a way to marry the two.

I am the author of the Nattie Gold equine mystery series, “Horse of  Different Killer,” “Chestnut Mare, Beware,” and “In Colt Blood.” When I can force myself to stay inside, I’m busy working on the next book in the series, “Whoa Nellie,” told from the perspective of Nattie’s 16-year-old daughter, Nellie.

I also write a column for The Chronicle of The Horse. Here’s a sample:

Once again, welcome to Still Horse Crazy.  Writing is a lonely business, so I would love to hear from you. Comments, questions, suggestions, rants. Whatever. Just knowing someone is on the other side of this computer screen is comforting in our way-too virtual world.

Happy Trails,



About jodyjaffe

Author of the Nattie Gold equine mystery series which was featured in People Magazine and translated into a variety of languages I can't read. Co-author of "Shenandoah Summer," and "Thief of Words." As a journalist, I was on the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for the PTL scandal in which I profiled Jessica Hahn.
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15 Responses to Still Horse Crazy

  1. jchatoff says:

    welcome to wordpress, j – i ‘m following you…cq my history blog here…

  2. the south in my mouth says:

    Yea! Enjoyed your first post.

  3. Nancy says:

    Here, here (ok, actually in Bristol, UK right now, in a failed attempt to see Badminton, but…). I’ll be keeping track!

  4. stacey says:

    I am sooooooo excited for “whoa nellie”! 🙂

  5. Love the art work on your blog. Look forward to reading and sharing.

  6. Tracy McKenna says:

    A talented writer, and a lovely woman. Can’t wait to read more!

  7. jodyjaffe says:

    thanks tracy. i guess we’ll keep it pg rated and not say why you say that!

  8. Net says:

    Great to see you here! I just started a new blog this week because a friend was asking for advice on tension… I need to get around to doing one of these intro blogs, since fewer people know who I am than know you! I look forward to your special take on things as your blog grows.

  9. Betsy Hoyt says:

    I love your writing style, and have been a fan for years. Can’t wait to read more.
    PS- I cried at the end of In Colt Blood when you did your tribute to Brenda. Still do everytime I read it again.

    • jodyjaffe says:

      Thanks so much Betsy. I get misty when I think of her as well. I have her son, Roy, but he has an alphabet of issues (EPM, OCD) and is a beautiful lawn ornament who looks exactly like his mother.

  10. Diane says:

    Can’t wait to keep up with your adventures!

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