Mission Accomplished

Just arrived home after six long hours on the road. So just a few sentences for now. We jumped a more complicated course than I will ever have to jump, and the jumps were scarier than I will ever have to jump in my division. AND WE DID IT WITHOUT A TRAINER GETTING ON HER FIRST!!! We did it by ourselves, which had been my major goal. A shout out to Clinician Eliza who schooled me in the schooling area before we went in.

Here’s the final trip, it ain’t brilliant but I got around and we made it over the wave, eventually

Happy trails


About jodyjaffe

Author of the Nattie Gold equine mystery series which was featured in People Magazine and translated into a variety of languages I can't read. Co-author of "Shenandoah Summer," and "Thief of Words." As a journalist, I was on the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for the PTL scandal in which I profiled Jessica Hahn.
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3 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. Mary Ellena Ward says:


  2. Bonnie Navin says:

    Jody: I can’t wait to hear your summation but wanted you to know you did an amazing job and I think everyone wanted to take your mare home with them.

  3. Diane says:

    I can see confidence just pulsing thru you! 🙂

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