Greg Best!

Here I go again, clinic-ing with an equestrian superstar. Greg Best! Two silver medals and he got to ride the magnificent Gem Twist.

My husband, the ever-patient John Muncie, doesn’t get why we amateur riders keep taking lessons. “You’ve been riding for 40 years,” he keeps saying. “Shouldn’t you be teaching by now?”

Then I say something like, “Did you see what I did at the last show?” (trotted to the first fence in the most most forward line in my first hunter derby — and it wasn’t the trot fence). That usually quiets him and he’s far too polite to tell me to take up bowling.

Stay tuned. If I’m not wiped out, I will blog about the clinic, then if all goes according to plan, write about it for a column in the Chronicle of the Horse. My next column is about the glories of adult riding camp. Until then, here is a link to the last one, about overthinking riding or trying to tame the bully brain.

Happy trails



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Author of the Nattie Gold equine mystery series which was featured in People Magazine and translated into a variety of languages I can't read. Co-author of "Shenandoah Summer," and "Thief of Words." As a journalist, I was on the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for the PTL scandal in which I profiled Jessica Hahn.
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