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Observations about both lands. Part 1.

A version of Rodney King’s famous line, “Can’t we all just get along,” comes to mind when I think about the divergent worlds of Hunterland and Eventingland. My version is, “Can’t we just learn from one another?” There’s a lot … Continue reading

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“If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”

The late, great Stuart Dim told me that on my first day as a feature writer for The Charlotte Observer 35 years ago and I’ve lived by that rule since. (Though I never asked my mother if she loved me). … Continue reading

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The Dark Side visited…and loved

I knew TBs are smart, but how did my mare find an internet connection in her new run-in shed? We didn’t wire it for that, but she clearly read my blog and decided she wanted to stay a hunter princess … Continue reading

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Going to the Dark Side today…….

That’s right, I’m heading to Eventingland today. Well, let’s call it Eventingland-ish. I’m taking my TB mare (who does not want to be a Hunter Princess) in the Green division, which is not at all like the Green division in … Continue reading

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