Going to the Dark Side today…….

That’s right, I’m heading to Eventingland today. Well, let’s call it Eventingland-ish. I’m taking my TB mare (who does not want to be a Hunter Princess) in the Green division, which is not at all like the Green division in the world, Hunterland, I’ve known for a million years.

In Hunterland, Green horses have been around the block about a million times, and there’s really nothing green about them. But the Dark Side is a very literal place. Green means green, as in your horse has never done this before or has very limited exposure to the questions of terrain.

Questions… did you get that? I’m even talking in Eventland speak. Question, I think, is another word for obstacle, as in what are the questions surrounding the jump on the cross country course? Terrain, shadows, water, size, narrowness are just a few of these so-called Questions.  The Questions in Hunterworld are much more simple: can you horse make the distance down the lines and make it look pretty?  (I’ve noticed a new Question slipping into Hunterland: can you horse canter around the course without losing its fake tail?)

Cassie, my TB mare, is bathed and ready to go. And in the Dark Side, at least at this weenie level, “ready to go,” is much more simple than the Hunterland “ready to go.” I did not pull her mane, I did not clip her whiskers (which the natural horsemanship folks say is an anathema), I did not load up my trailer with every known piece of tack. I did however fill a large canister of water because the venue doesn’t supply it. Really? In Hunterland, water is abundant and free. Though that is the only thing free in that world.

So wish me luck, off I go to the Dark Side to answer the Questions and gallop (or in my case, slowly canter) up and down the hills of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.



About jodyjaffe

Author of the Nattie Gold equine mystery series which was featured in People Magazine and translated into a variety of languages I can't read. Co-author of "Shenandoah Summer," and "Thief of Words." As a journalist, I was on the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for the PTL scandal in which I profiled Jessica Hahn.
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2 Responses to Going to the Dark Side today…….

  1. Amanda C says:

    You’ll have a blast! I’m a recent re-convert (did h/j then evented then went back to h/j now back to eventing) too and I’d forgotten how fun it really is. A breath of fresh air after a while in hunterland, for sure.

  2. jodyjaffe says:

    Thanks Amanda. It was a total blast. Loved everything about it.

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